The Sheople

The four-letter word that controls the world is….FEAR.
All over the world, millions of sheep are herded every day with virtually no physical contact, using fear. People, on the other hand, don’t need to be herded. They have out-sheeped the sheep by policing each other.
Most people around the world are ruled/controlled every day by 2 guiding principles, that of the safety of following all the others and not being different (this generally manifests in school when they are laughed at by the others if they do something ‘individual’) and the fear of ‘what other people will think’. Therefore, he who sets the norms in society, what is considered right and wrong, moral and immoral, possible and impossible, sane and insane, as well as who is knowledgeable based on mainstream qualifications, sets a mental and emotional human sheep pen which the vast majority of people will live in because they are not thinking for themselves but being controlled by the 2 guiding principles. Even those who tend not to follow the first principle and have the tendency to think against the norm will more than likely be hamstrung by the fear principle. If a person gets to the edge of the hassle-free, comfort zones that are enjoyed by the vast majority, they know they will be met by condemnation and ridicule (2 sides of the same coin, just as comedy and tragedy are only slightly separated) for the crime -and that’s what it’s become- of being different. What is the source of that shall i/shan’t i fear? It’s not fear of what people in apparent positions of power will do, (as of now, you can’t get arrested for thinking differently!). What’s going through the minds of people thinking ‘shall i be me or shall i be someone else’s version of what i should be’? It’s ‘if i do, what will my family say? What will the neighbours say? What will the people at work say? What will my friends say? Oh my god!’ Basically, the people who frighten others into conforming are the ones who are already conforming, giving their minds and their lives away to society’s version of what they should be. At the point where the conformers INSIST that everyone else follows the established norms, where the human race are both the sheep and the sheepdogs, it’s possible for a small number of people to control billions.
When the herd mentality is established, it’s then broken up into warring factions. To do this, you create organisations and belief systems that can be played off against each other, such as religions, political parties and economic systems. Next, you get people to fight other, creating a herd mentality at war with itself. While we’re abusing each other, shouting at each other and blaming each other, the few pull the strings of all sides. We never stop, find an area of peace and say to each other that we’re very similar. It’s always our differences that are highlighted, every day in our apparently ordinary lives, especially if we make ourselves susceptible to advertising and worship of celebrities with more money than us, nicer clothes and all those surface advantages. We start to feel weak through difference rather than strong through similarities. 
The 33rd level of Freemasonry has a motto, ‘order out of chaos’. The chaos must be created because people in harmony and unity can’t be manipulated. The hassle-free zone is so narrow and limited that it’s too small to have opposites. Therefore, oppo-sames are created, with the same state of being but a different name on the door, that appear as opposites. For example, in WWII, the poster boy for far-far-far left politics was Joseph Stalin, who believed in and implemented centralised control, military dictatorships and concentration camps. On the other hand, the poster boy for far-far-far right politics, Adolf Hitler, believed in and implemented…….centralised control, military dictatorships and concentration camps! Is there really a difference between a zealous Muslim imposing his beliefs on his children to the exclusion of other possibilities and a Jew, Christian etc….doing the same? It is because these oppo-sames are so well-disguised, through a daily diet of often-subtle reminders, a stealthy gradual bombardment, that anyone who challenges them is jumped upon so fiercely. As life becomes harder and harder and faster and faster, who’s got the time, energy and inclination to step out of their comfort zone for more than a short time, especially when there’s easy pleasure and entertainment everywhere, like soap-operas, reality t.v and football?
Hopper (A Bug’s Life), when asked why the relatively small band of all-powerful grasshoppers, who have more than enough food to feed themselves in the Winter, need to go back to Ant Island every year to take all the food from the millions of tiny ants who live on the island and spend all year, every year gathering this food, replied:
‘One ant stood up to us. If you let one ant stand up to us then they all might stand up to us. Those puny little ants outnumber us 100 to 1, and if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life. It’s not about food, it’s about keeping those ants in line. That’s why we’re going back.’
This basically explains why rich and powerful people with multiple homes and businesses and enough money for a thousand lifetimes go on gathering more.
We are consciousness, all that is, has been and ever will be. There is nothing to fear because we’ll always be just that. The mind fears because it’s programmed to fear. We need to step out of that fear not by fighting but by letting go, by non-complying in it. We are holding the pyramid together and we as a race can stop it anytime.