About Me

This website is intended as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for my various interests and the work I’ve done in these areas.

Professionally, I’m an English teacher and gradually transitioning into Life Coaching (please see this page on the main menu if you would like a consultation).

Outside of this, my main activity is running my 3 podcasts, which cover, respectively,  John Lennon/The Beatles, Psychology and Film. I also have a great deal of music online for you to listen to and enjoy, including my own home demos and also studio and live albums and performance videos from my former band, The Backfield Plan. It is eclectic but with the Sixties influence never too far away.

I am a person of insatiable curiosity who is constantly drawn to two fundamental questions of life, namely ‘Who Am I?’ and ‘How Does The World Work?’, which are both explored to some extent in my ‘Life And Life Only’ podcast and in the blog on this site, which will be constantly updated.

I also very much enjoy communication so feel free to leave a comment on the blog and/or get in touch on the Contact page.

The truth is out there…