The True Battle

…and out of the years of befuddlement, insufficient rest and worrisome thoughts came a moment of calm clarity. He’d always reasoned that God must have put the truth and the path to mental freedom far away so as to test him and make the discovery of it a long-drawn-out struggle, a life’s work. In reality, he’d put it right there in front of him so as to provide a greater test. A test of courage, a test of nerve. To have the nerve to reach out and touch it. Instead of the proverbial long road to salvation, it was more like a proverbial flick of a switch, a change in the mind, a decision to live with more generosity of spirit and graciousness. And what was this truth? That ultimately the battle was against himself, and that his ‘enemies’ were just inadvertently providing the necessary challenges to help him realise this. He quickly thanked them and moved on.’