Antony Rotunno

The Many Sides of David Blaine’s ‘Above The Below’

  Please note-  this post presumes that the endurance feats described did actually happen and were not fundamentally an illusion themselves, and also does not comment on the moral aspects of an unnecessary starvation for no particular cause or officially-stated reason. If this is a problem, I suggest thinking of it as a story about …

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The Delightful Truth About Bullfighting

Bullfighting (‘corrida de toros’ in Spanish) is alternatively a ‘blood sport’, ‘barbaric spectacle’, ‘fine art’ or ‘culturally important tradition’ which has existed since at least the 4th century and very possibly for many centuries previous to that. Its continuous existence was largely unopposed until recently, but in just the last 15 years polls have seen …

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(to the tune of ‘Wonderwall’) Today is gonna be the day when I plagiarise a Beatles song I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but I’m begging you to sing along I don’t believe that anybody rips the 60’s off like we do now The backbeat, the words and melody are all about the fucking …

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