Pretentious Poem!

With clothes on my back and a bag and guitar, I travelled one foot in front of another Nothing more, comfortable with the feel of the clothes on my skin Along an open road, cars passed, dust flew up in their wake, and a few particles arrested the progress of my eyes in their natural …

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The Man Who Didn’t Exist

A tragi-comedy entitled “The Man Who Didn’t Exist” (a.k.a. The True Story Of “The Bear”) “If ever a story could shock, bemuse and baffle the innocent watchers of T.V’s top-rated show, “Grizzly Bear” (first aired in October 1976), then it is the story of “The Bear” himself, Robin Cheese, for nobody until now has known …

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(to the tune of ‘Wonderwall’) Today is gonna be the day when I plagiarise a Beatles song I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but I’m begging you to sing along I don’t believe that anybody rips the 60’s off like we do now The backbeat, the words and melody are all about the fucking …

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